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Read This Before You Ship to Panama

Ship to Panama - Overseas Moving and Cargo Shipping

Panama is a great place for Americans and for others who are interested in retiring in another country. In order to encourage relocation by retirees, Panama offers discounts on healthcare, airlines expenses, and restaurants.

English is widely spoken throughout Panama and the country uses the US dollar as legal tender. The healthcare facilities in Panama are at the standard of the United States and the water is safe to drink from the tap. Modern communication systems are readily available including internet. Also, foreigners can own property with the same rights as the citizens of Panama.

If you are considering moving to Panama, you can also save money by shipping your household belongings to your new residence instead of buying everything new. International cargo shipping companies can assist you with the important things you need to know about overseas moving to Panama including the necessary paperwork and cargo shipping rules and regulations.

Retire to Panama - The Pensionado Program

The Pensionado program is for foreign citizens who want to retire in Panama . This program allows retirees to reside in Panama indefinitely. Retirees must be at least 18 years of age and have proof of a pension of at least 1,000 USD per month. Those who qualify for the program receive a reduction in utility bills, airlines ticket discounts, reduced fees for public transportation, and a variety of discounts on medical bills including dental and eye exams and medications.

Rules For Cargo Shipping To Panama

While preparing to move to Panama, keep in mind certain customs rules about importing household belongings. Customs officials in Panama must physically inspect every shipment that enters a Panama port.

When packing for your move to Panama, make a detailed packing list in either English or Spanish and include the value of each item. This document is required to ship to Panama, and it will help the cargo shipping process run smoothly and quickly.

Used household items can enter Panama duty free while new items are subject to a 20% duty based on the value of the item.

Restricted Items

There are certain items that you cannot import to Panama. You cannot ship your belongings to Panama using wooden packing materials and you cannot import wooden furniture. Other things you cannot ship to Panama include:
  • Narcotics
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Weapons, including firearms and ammunition
  • Plants, fruits, raw food and meats
  • New electronic appliances
Ship a Car to Panama

Shipping a vehicle to Panama is easy if you seek assistance from an experienced auto shipper. If you are retiring to Panama, you can import a vehicle duty free. For others interested in shipping a car to Panama, there is a duty tax (around 30%) based on the value of the car. You will to provide some paperwork before you ship a car to Panama. Documents you will need include:
  • Bill of Lading
  • Airway Bill or Transit Letter
  • Property Letter
  • Certificate of Title and Registration
  • Commercial Invoice or Purchase Invoice
  • Certificate of Environmental Control and Pollution Certificate
A professional international shipping company like Cargo Experts will work with you to ensure that you provide all the correct documentation when you ship a car to Panama.

Bringing A Pet To Panama

If you have any household pets like cats and dogs, you can bring them with you when you move to Panama.

Before importing a pet to Panama, you must get a state health certificate from your veterinarian. The certificate should show that your pet has had a rabies vaccine more than 30 days before the arrival date to Panama but less than 180 days. The certificate should not be more than 10 days old.  The certificate needs to be certified by the United States Department of Agriculture and it must be stamped at the Panama Embassy or Consulate.

When you arrive in Panama, your pet will be quarantined for about three weeks. You can choose to quarantine in house for a fee or you can pay to have your pet quarantined at the airport.

Contact Cargo Experts Today

Moving to Panama offers a lot of great benefits. An international shipping company will help to provide all the correct paperwork for shipping your household belongings to Panama. Before you ship to Panama, keep in mind the rules of packing when you are preparing to move and the process will be much easier.

Contact Cargo Experts for a FREE freight quote, or give us a toll free call today at 866-994-7822 to find out more about cargo shipping to Panama.

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