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important information about cargo Shipping to Vietnam

Cargo Shipping To Vietnam

Located in Southeast Asia, and bordered by the South China Sea, Cambodia, China and Laos, there are many shipping ports in Vietnam. Major shipping ports in Vietnam include the Port of Ba Ngoi, Hai Phong and Vung Tau. In addition, Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is a major shipping port in Vietnam.

If you are cargo shipping to Vietnam, you will need some important documentation, including a copy of your passport and two copies of your shipping inventory.

When shipping to Vietnam, your shipping inventory should be written in English and detailed with information about all of the cargo you are shipping. It is not acceptable to merely write “PBO” or packed by owner on your boxes.

If you are shipping electronic items to Vietnam, you should plan to provide detailed information about the brand, model, and serial number of your items. Make sure that your name is written on all of the packages you are shipping to Vietnam and appears the same as is listed on your passport.

Additional documentation you will need when shipping to Vietnam includes:
  1. Loading sheet with the item numbers in each lift van
  2. Copy of a government work permit showing that your company is allowed to establish business in Vietnam. Without this documentation, it is possible that your cargo may not clear for entrance into Vietnam.
  3. Airport Customs Declaration retained by your last entry
  4. Letter that provides authorization for a Destination Agent to handle customs clearance on your organization’s letterhead
When you are shipping cargo to Vietnam, you should arrange to be in Vietnam for Customs clearance for your shipments, regardless of whether they arrive by air or water. Customs officials in Vietnam inspect all shipments entering the country.

Any antiques shipped to Vietnam should be photographed at origin and declared to Customs upon arrival in Vietnam in order to avoid any problems at the time of export from Vietnam.

Restricted and Dutiable Items When Shipping by Sea to Vietnam

If you are shipping by sea to Vietnam, please note that you may be required to pay taxes on certain items. Goods that may require certain duty fees and taxes when shipping to Vietnam include:
  • Luxury items
  • Electronic cargo like televisions, stereos, computers, radios, VCRs, cassette recorders
  • Cars, vehicles and motorcycles
  • Tobacco products
  • Alcohol
  • Foods
If you are shipping alcoholic beverages and/or tobacco products to Vietnam, all items must be documented on your shipping inventory. You should document these items with the specific number of bottles and type of alcohol and quantity of tobacco. If you want to ship alcohol to Vietnam, it is advisable that the quantity be less than two cases.

Cultural items including books, compact discs, videos, cassettes, video recorders, computer discs, and document files will be inspected by the Cultural Department in Vietnam (these items should be documented on your packing inventory including the quantity of each item). You could also bring CDs, cassette tapes, and radio tapes with you as accompanied baggage if you are traveling to Vietnam by plane.

You may incur charges for the inspection of your items if you are shipping to Vietnam. This is something that an experienced cargo shipping company like Cargo Experts can provide greater information about.
If you are shipping medicine to Vietnam, make sure you have a prescription available.

You will likely have to pay duty fees on electrical and electronic items that you ship to Vietnam. Remember to list details like the brand, model and serial number on your packing inventory when cargo shipping to Vietnam.
If you are shipping telephones and fax machines to Vietnam, you must get an Import License. These types of items need to be registered in Vietnam. Unauthorized use of these items may result in fines and even end in confiscation.

Shipping by Sea to Vietnam - Prohibited Items

If you are returning to Vietnam after having been away for a while or going there for an extended period of time, and planning on shipping some of your personal items and household goods with you, please note there are certain things you cannot ship to Vietnam.

If you are shipping to Vietnam, the following items are not allowed:
  • Firearms and Ammunition
  • Narcotics
  • Pornography
  • Culturally or politically sensitive materials
  • Certain political or historical books about Vietnam
  • Radio transmitters
  • Satellite dishes

Car Shipping to Vietnam

If you want to ship a vehicle including a car or motorcycle to Vietnam, your vehicle must have less than 100 kilometers. Also, please note that all cars entering Vietnam should be left-hand drive vehicles.

Certain vehicles can be imported to Vietnam duty free. Any motor vehicles for diplomatic and/or international organizations, under terms of certain foreign investment licenses, can be imported duty free to Vietnam. All other cars are subject to 150% duty based on the value as assessed by customs officials in Vietnam.

If you are shipping a motorcycle to Vietnam, please note that motorcycles are strictly limited to those of 125cc engine size or smaller.

If you are shipping a car or some other type of vehicle to Vietnam, you will be required to obtain an Import Permit in Vietnam. You should also plan to have the Certificate of Registration for your vehicle and any other paperwork that accompanies your vehicle.

Bringing a Pet to Vietnam

If you are moving overseas to Vietnam or returning to the country after having been away for a while, you might have a pet you want to bring with you to Vietnam.

You are allowed to bring your pet to Vietnam without paying duty fees. You should be able to give the destination agent specific information about your animal including the type of pet, name, breed, sex, color, size, weight and age of your pet.

In addition, there is some paperwork required when bringing a pet to Vietnam. This includes the following:
  • Papers documenting rabies vaccination
  • Health Certificate (not more than a week old)
  • Sanitary Certificate
There is a lot to think about as you plan an overseas move to Vietnam or some other destination worldwide. A professional cargo shipping company will help you navigate all of the country specific rules and regulations, paperwork and logistics for your international shipment. Cargo Experts is ready to assist you with all the details involved in international shipping to Vietnam. You can get a fast and free freight quote from Cargo Experts, or you can call toll free 1- 866-994-7822 for more information.

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