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Important information about cargo Shipping to australia

Cargo Shipping To Australia

If you are interested in moving to Australia for work or retirement, it will likely be worth the effort to use overseas shipping services to transport your belongings to Australia rather than buy everything new. Before you start packing your boxes, there are a few things you should know about cargo shipping and overseas moving to Australia.

Regulations For Cargo Shipping To Australia

You can import household items to Australia, but no animal products (e.g., eggs, meat, fresh or canned, dairy products) or plant materials (seeds, soil, bulbs) are allowed to be imported. Because Australia is very dependent on agriculture and livestock, they seek to minimize the risk of importing diseases that may carried by animal or plant products. Common items that may be contaminated include:
  • Camping equipment
  • Footwear, including worn sneakers or hiking boots
  • Sports and fishing equipment
  • Outdoor furniture
These items can be imported into Australia, but they must be thoroughly clean without dirt or soil. If you are shipping cargo to Australia, these items will be inspected by the Australian Customs Service and if they do not pass inspection, you may opt to pay to have the items cleaned, send them back to your country of origin, or have the items destroyed.

Like many countries, you cannot import a lot of foods to Australia, especially fruits and vegetables. You are also not allowed to bring any seeds or other plant based items. It is advisable not to ship any dried foods that have been opened because they may contain microscopic pests or larvae.

It is also advisable to use new boxes when shipping overseas to Australia because old boxes might have soil on them or they may have been used before to hold fruits or plants. Avoid using natural products like straw or hay for packaging.

Ship A Car To Australia

Do you want to find out more about how to ship a car to Australia? You can ship a car to Australia, but the same rules apply to your car as with other household items. If you ship a car to Australia it must be thoroughly clean without gravel or dirt. Your vehicle will be inspected when it arrives in Australia and if dirt is on it, customs may require you to pay for cleaning. If it is very contaminated, your vehicle will not be allowed to enter the country.

It may seem like a lot of rules to ship to Australia, but the most important thing to remember is that you cannot ship anything that may contain pests or diseases. Anything that you are shipping overseas to Australia that has been outside should be thoroughly cleaned.

Bringing A Pet To Australia

If you are shipping from the United States or Canada, you can bring your cat or dog to Australia.  Your pet will have to go through quarantine which is a minimum of 30 days, but it could be much longer, depending on when your pet was last vaccinated.  Your pets must have all their vaccinations, must be at least six months old, and all dogs from America must have the Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) vaccination. To find out more about the rules for a specific animal, contact the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DAFF) about bringing pets to Australia.

When you ship to Australia, it is important for you to hire a dependable international cargo shipping company like Cargo Experts for safe and reliable transport of your ocean freight. When your boxes go through customs, there may be things that need to be declared or items the officials want to inspect to make sure they are not contaminated. The best way to be prepared is to have an itemized list of all the boxes you packed and everything that is in the boxes.

Contact Cargo Experts for a FREE freight quote, or give us a toll free call today at 866-994-7822 to find out more about cargo shipping to Australia.

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