Cargo Shipping to Spain
Everything was received correctly. Thank you very much for your help.
Silvia G.

Cargo Shipping to Panama
Everything arrived well on Saturday morning. Nothing was broken, perfect service! Thanks for the wonderful work you did.

Cargo Shipping to Israel
Thank you… The people at the TDY Freight Services Ltd. were very kind and helpful and the final delivery went very smoothly indeed. I am really thankful to the Cargo Experts Corporation for the job well done. Best regards,

Cargo Shipping to South Korea
Just a short note to tell you our shipment arrived Friday…Except for a few broken dishes (a result of my poor packing techniques), everything about this shipment went incredibly smooth. Ms. Lee was so patient and understanding. She answered all our questions and walked us through the many documents we needed to send. And to you, for your hard work, thank you. Take care,

Cargo Shipping from Panama
Once again, thanks for all your help and professional services. Everything went well with out last move. Hoping not to move again any time soon, but if we do we will call you. Feel free to use us as a reference… Yours,
Rich & Penny C.

Cargo Shipping to Israel
Everything arrived in very good shape. I will happily recommend your service to the next person. Best wishes.
Connie R.

Cargo Shipping to Croatia
Everything went ok, we have recieved the delivery, they have brought it to our address. Best Regards,

Cargo Shipping to Zambia
Our container is on the ground. The driver, the crane, and the clearing agent have left. We were so blessed by your company for such a great shipping experience. Thank you so much. If I ever ship over seas again, I will not hesitate to use you. I will also be very happy to recommend your company to everyone. I pray I can send a lot of business your way.
Jim & Jolene E.

Cargo Shipping to Brazil
We received the container…There are still a few loose ends to wrap up on this end, but overall things went quite well.
Bill R.

Cargo Shipping to Malaysia
I didn’t hear anything either way about the unloading, so I’m assuming it went just fine. I think the process went about as well as could be expected considering I asked you to expedite the cargo pick up due to time constraints on my end. Thanks for all your help. Best Regards,
Jim R.

Cargo Shipping to Kuwait
Everything went without any problems. We got our goods this afternoon and in good shape. Once again thank you for everything.
Vivianne H.

Cargo Shipping to Zambia
The packing day went really well today so that was wonderful. It’s exciting to finally have all of that done! Thank you so much! Gratefully,
Catherine M.

Cargo Shipping to UAE
Good day! The container arrived on Monday and the unloading crew did a fine job. Thank you, Danielle C.

Cargo Shipping to Brazil
The packers have left and the container is on its way. The packers did an excellent job and did not waste any time. They were nearly done wrapping the goods when the container arrived. The packers were efficient and filled the container without wasted space… Best Regards,
Michael K.

Cargo Shipping to Afghanistan Thanks so much for all your help throughout the shipping process. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Kim H.

Cargo Shipping to France
Everything was delivered on time and the driver even helped us…We certainly have appreciated your help and your services. I have already positively mentioned you to other fellow missionaries. Best Regards,
Jeremie D.

Cargo Shipping to United States Virgin Islands (USVI)
All went well. It was a scorcher the day we unloaded. Thanks for all.
John B.

Cargo Shipping to Portugal
This email is just to let you know that you got a very good crew here…and I got lucky to have gotten them. They did a superb job loading the container. I might eat my words if anything gets broken, but I don’t think so. I saw how careful they were and also very well organized. I believe I also learned something about how to pack it…like building a puzzle. Job well done and my thanks to you and this crew!!!!!!
Don M.

Cargo Shipping to Spain
Everything went well. The people from the moving company were excellent…Best Regards,
Clara A.

Cargo Shipping to Bulgaria
Thanks for the great service!
Lillian P.

Cargo Shipping to Qatar
We have received all of our goods intact. Please accept our sincere thanks for a job well done…We will recommend your company to anyone. Best Regards,
Jewahar K.

Cargo Shipping to Chile
The container was delivered yesterday. Everything went fine. The crew was very fast to drop the goods, and everything arrived in perfect condition. I was not there at the delivery, however, my wife tells me that all our stuff is there. Thanks a lot for your help and good service.
Manual A.

Cargo Shipping to Kuwait
Delivery was smooth and professional. I was very impressed, actually. Everything was offloaded and in my apartment in one hour. One group offloading the truck, one staging at the elevator, and one moving stuff in from the elevator. They offered to open boxes, but that is my job…Thanks for the service. Take Care,
Jeff T.

Cargo Shipping to Australia
Thanks for the great job in getting us to Australia!
John H.

Cargo Shipping to Bermuda
Everything went very well and the guys did a great job. Thanks for all your help.
Andrea L.

Cargo Shipping to Japan
Attached is the completed Delivery Report, plus my comments and gratitude to all who worked to ship my family’s household goods to Japan. Thank you. I am very pleased with how my shipment was handled.
Thomas B.

Cargo Shipping to South Africa
The local receiving company was absolutely fantastic in their efficiency and word, very nice people indeed. Thank you as well for everything you did to make this move just a bit better for me. I really do appreciate it. Many thanks and best regards,
Jeff M.

Cargo Shipping to Sierra Leone Thank you for your professional help with getting a container for us to send to Sierra Leone. I was amazed at how speedy your responses were to my calls and emails…Thanks again for the excellent customer service. We will be contacting you again. 
Dawn B.

Cargo Shipping to Bermuda
Our container arrived last Friday and it was unloaded without any problems. Thanks for everything you have done for us. Best wishes,

Cargo Shipping to Australia
The container was delivered Thursday morning. The unloading crew were awesome, not so much as a chipped glass. Many thanks to all involved in making this move as smooth as possible. I can now de-stress unwind and relax.

Cargo Shipping to Germany
The container has arrived, exactly as promised (actually half an hour early!). The unloading people were as skilled and kind as the loading people back in Atlanta, and in a few hours all was out of the container and up in our apartment. Customs was also handled very professional and fast and without any delay. And the best: NOTHING was missing, damaged or broken! An absolute wonderful experience! Very clearly, there are many movers and shippers out there, but your company did the best job of all! And I know what I’m talking about, as I moved 4 times across the Atlantic in the last 20 years…Absolutely wonderful experience, thanks for the great care you took of us! I would absolutely use your services again and would give the best recommendations to anyone needing to move internationally. Best regards,

Cargo Shipping to Philippines
Thank you for your great service.

Cargo Shipping to Ireland
Thank you so much for making my relocation such a wonderful experience. My cargo arrived in excellent condition in Cork and we are very pleased with the service. All the staff along the way were extremely friendly and professional and really made the transaction as smooth as possible. Thank you again,
Frank R.

Cargo Shipping to Costa Rica
The truck driver and the members of the loading crew were great (friendly and courteous). They made sure everything was packed securely.
Andy P.

Cargo Shipping to Bosnia
I would like to once again thank you for all your hard work and help during my shipment with Cargo Experts. Shipping from the United States to Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina, specifically, was a bit nerve racking, but thanks to Cargo Experts, the process was painless, very easy. I would highly recommend this company to anyone, for all their shipping needs. From the start till the end, and delivery to my destination door, Cargo Experts was on top of things, monitoring the progress of the vessel during its voyage, keeping us updated in a timely manner, and simply just putting a lot of care back into the customer care relations, something that is more and more lost when dealing with companies nowadays. On top of it all, the cost of shipping with Cargo Experts was very competitive and they did provide the winning bid. For all this, thank you Cargo Experts.
Fuad T.

Cargo Shipping to Germany
Your pick up team was just wonderful - Congratulations.
Peter H.

Cargo Shipping to Puerto Rico
I wanted to write and tell you just how pleased I was with your company. The team of movers arrived on time, and worked steadily through the day. I had some reservations about hiring movers. Your team was efficient and took good care of the furniture. They were very caring and the move went very smoothly and quick. What was valuable was your professional and considerate team. Everything reached intact and we appreciate your care and effort. I would highly recommend your firm. Best Regards,
Roberto P.

Cargo Shipping to Zimbabwe
My shipment was delivered and service was satisfactory…We are grateful for your efficiency in handling our container. You can close this file with another satisfied customer. Thanks,

Cargo Shipping to France
Everything was excellent. Thank you,
Vali I.

Cargo Shipping to Norway
Everything went very well. Thanks for all your help. Enjoying the midnight sun of Norway thanks to you.
Lowan S.

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