Shipping Terms

Bill of Lading - A document issued by a carrier to a shipper, issued to recognize the receipt of a cargo shipment for delivery
Bulkhead - A sturdy barrier, typically made with cardboard or boards, and designed to extend across the interior of the shipping container
CBF - Cubic Feet
CBM - Cubic Meter
CBM to CBF - Multiply by 35.314667
CBF to CBM - Multiply by 0.028317
Consolidation - The grouping together of smaller consignments of goods into a large consignment for carriage as a bigger unit in order to obtain a reduced rate
Customs - The government agency that collects duties imposed by law on imported and exported items
Customs Broker - A person that is licensed to engage in clearing items through customs
Customs Clearance - A formal inspection of shipping documents and cargo contents, typically conducted by port authorities, and required before entrance into a country
Declared Value Inventory - A list of all of the items that you want to insure, with the replacement value for each item
Density - The weight of the cargo, often per cubic foot
Destination - The location where the cargo shipment ends its journey
Door to Door - From location at origin to location at final destination
Duty - A government tax on goods
Export - Shipment of goods to a foreign country
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD - Estimated Time of Departure
FCL - Full Container Load
FMC - Federal Maritime Commission, the United States regulatory agency responsible for maritime affairs
Freight Forwarder - An agent that assists in exporting international shipments, and understands import and export rules and regulations, and shipping methods and documentation
LCL - Less Container Load
NVOCC - Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier, a shipment consolidator who does not own a shipping vessel, but works as a “carrier” by taking responsibility for cargo shipments, and issuing bills of lading
Ro/Ro - An abbreviation for Roll On / Roll Off which is a shipping service method for cars and other wheeled vehicles by using a vessel with ramps which enables loading and unloading without cranes
Shipping Container - A steel container that is the body of a truck trailer, and is detached from the chassis for loading onto a shipping vessel or train
THC - Terminal Handling Charges
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