At Cargo Experts, we specialize in international container shipping. We offer a range of shipping container sizes to fit all of your international cargo. Whether you need cargo shipping containers with enough space to fit a vehicle, or you need additional space to ship household goods, we offer a wide variety of cargo shipping containers to meet your needs.

Shipping container sizes include:

  • 20 Foot Dry Box - Cargo Shipping Containers
  • 40 Foot Dry Box - Standard
  • 40 Foot Dry Box - High Cube

Need help deciding what shipping container sizes you need? The best way to figure out which cargo shipping containers you need is to complete our free online freight estimate.

20 ft cargo shipping containers hold about 850 to 1,050 cubic feet, and are usually big enough to fit a 1 to 2 bedroom household, or one vehicle with a few small household goods.

40 ft cargo shipping containers hold about 1,850 to 2,200 cubic feet, and are typically appropriate for moving a 3 to 5 bedroom household, or 1 vehicle and a 2 bedroom household.

Shipping temperature sensitive international cargo that requires refrigeration?

Not a problem! You can opt for refrigerated cargo shipping containers to transport all of your temperature sensitive items.

Seeking a reliable auto shipper? Need a cargo container for a vehicle?

We’re an experienced and dependable auto shipper with years of experience successfully shipping a wide range of international cargo including vehicles and equipment overseas.

Feel free to give us a toll free call today at 1-866-994-7822 to find out more about our selection of shipping container sizes and cargo shipping containers to fit a variety of international cargo including oversize items, perishables, and machinery. Check out the charts below for specific information about shipping container sizes for all of your international cargo.

Shipping Container Sizes
20 Foot Dry Box

Maximum Payload: 39,600 lbs
Cubic Capacity: 1,170 Cubic Feet
Measures Inside Door Opening
Length 19’4″ -
Width 92.5″ 92.0”
Height 94.0″ 89.2″

40 Foot Dry Box - Standard

Maximum Payload: 59,000 lbs
Cubic Capacity: 2,348 Cubic Feet
Measures Inside Door Opening
Length 39’5″ -
Width 92.0″ 91.5”
Height 93.0″ 89.0″

40 Foot Dry Box - High Cube

Maximum Payload: 57,120 lbs
Cubic Capacity: 2,680 Cubic Feet
Measures Inside Door Opening
Length 39’5″ -
Width 92.6″ 92.0”
Height 105.0″ 101.0″
- Dimensions and maximum payloads will vary slightly depending on manufacturer and construction style of cargo container.
- Maximum payload refers to the unit’s capability and does not reflect local limitations, such as road and/or rail weight limits and port lifting.
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