Looking for international cargo shipping for oversize loads, project cargo and ocean freight? Do you need cargo shipping for an engine, boiler, or machine?

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured international cargo shipping company offering a full range of cargo shipping services for your oversize loads.  Our satisfied customers include individuals, small and large companies, and government agencies.

With many years of experience successfully transporting oversize loads and ocean freight to ports all over the world, we understand the logistics involved in transporting large equipment and project cargo overseas.  Using our knowledge of country and port-specific customs rules and regulations, we will complete all of the planning required to successfully ship all of your oversize loads and project cargo.  Combining ocean freight with rail and land transportation, we ensure all the necessary permits are issued with local and port authorities, so that your project cargo and oversize loads arrive safely, securely, and on time.

With Cargo Experts, no project cargo is too big to ship!

Our international cargo shipping service includes:

    • Upper or lower deck
    • Flat bed or platforms
    • Crane, or as is

Depending on what you need, our international cargo shipping service includes port to port and door to door cargo shipping.  We make arrangements for any special equipment needed for oversize loads including crane rigging and heavy lift cranes, and we work hard to make sure that your ocean freight is transported safely and securely from pick up through delivery.   Our international cargo shipping also includes:

  • World wide cargo shipping expertise for oversize loads and ocean freight
  • Experience working with government agencies to safely transport equipment and project cargo
  • Onsite packing, rigging, crating, securing, and bracing of your ocean freight
  • Direct and personalized pick up and delivery of your oversize loads, with door to door service for your ocean freight, from your point of origin to your final destination
  • Referrals to the necessary agencies for all required customs documents
  • Assurance that proper documentation stays with your oversize loads during cargo shipping

Ready to get started with international cargo shipping for your oversize loads? Your FREE online freight quote is just a click away. Want to learn more? Give us a toll free call 866-994-7822. 


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